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About Willie's Cacao

Willie Harcourt-Couze has been dubbed an eccentric entrepreneur with a mission to educate the public in the delights of top quality chocolate.

Willie Harcourt-Cooze, The Chocolate Man

Willie grew up on a windswept island off the west coast of Ireland where a childhood spent making cheese, smoking fish and pickling fruit inspired his enduring passion for food and adventure. Twelve years ago he and his wife Tania sold everything they had to buy a cacao farm in the Cloud Mountains of Venezuela. Passionate about growing, harvesting and processing their own cacao beans, their chocolate dream took the family to near bankruptcy, and from the wilds of Venezuela where Willie learnt to be a cacao farmer, to the rolling hills of Devon, where he built a small chocolate factory and now makes his 100% Supreme Cacao and Delectable eating chocolate.

"We are conditioned to think that chocolate is a confectionery, when in actual fact the real thing is the most wondrous, versatile ingredient, whether you use it for savoury or sweet. Just a small amount can strengthen or bring out flavour in food, or simply add depth and richness and body."

Viva Cacao! The chocolate revolution starts here...

To find out more about Willie, the farm and factory, visit Willie's World at